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Sunflower Program FAQ

What is the Sunflower program?

The Sunflower is a globally recognized symbol for non-visible disabilities, also known as hidden disabilities or invisible disabilities. Passengers can choose to wear the Sunflower lanyard when travelling through the airport to indicate to airport staff that they may need support, assistance or just a little more time in the airport.

Where can I find the Sunflower lanyard?

Anyone can get a free Sunflower lanyard (or sticker) from our Customer Care and Information counters at the Main and South terminals.

Can I place a request for the Sunflower Lanyard in advance?

We do not have advance booking options, but you can pick one up from any Customer Care and Information counter at our Main and South terminals.

Will the Sunflower Lanyard also assist me / people travelling with me who need assistance on the flight?

If you require assistance during your flight, the airline will be in the best position to assist you, and you should continue to request special assistance services from your airline.

Can I retain the Lanyard even after my trip and bring it on my next trips?

It is yours to keep, and you can bring it on your next trips. There are over 130 Sunflower friendly-airports globally. 

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