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Group Arrivals at the Airport

Larger groups arriving at YVR are highly recommended to coordinate with an approved Commercial Vehicle operator to meet their pick-up needs. All approved operators follow the Airport’s Commercial Vehicle procedures and provide meet-and-greet services including curbside pick-up. Only approved operators have access to the Terminal curb for pick-up.

Click on below for the latest list of approved operators (Last updated – May 2024):

List of CV Operators 79 KB

When reserving with the Commercial Vehicle operator, the following information must be provided to the company for the prearranged pick-up:

  • Pick-Up Date
  • Estimated Pick-Up Time (45 minutes to an hour after flight arrival time is recommended)
  • Arrival Flight Information (Flight Number, Estimated Time of Arrival)
  • Size of Group

If there are multiple flights involved in a single pick-up, it is recommended that you base your pick-up request time on the latest flight’s estimated time of arrival.

Groups and Commercial Vehicle operators must exchange contact information in advance of the arrival to ensure seamless communication with the driver and coordinate the meeting the group.

Are you a Tour Group?

If you are a tour group working with a Commercial vehicle operator, it is your responsibility to ensure you connect with your driver(s) on the day of arrival for the pick-up.

Our recommendations are as follows:

  • Always have a greeter inside the Terminal to muster the group and coordinate with the driver(s).
  • Retain the driver(s) contact information and call them once the group is ready to be picked-up. The driver(s) will then follow the Airport’s dispatch process and go to the assigned terminal bus bay to pick-up your group.
  • The driver(s) can then either meet you at the Arrivals to escort the group to the bus bay or call you in advance to meet you at the assigned bay number.

The YVR Dispatch team will not get involved in connecting your group with the driver. It is your responsibility to ensure that you coordinate directly with the Commercial vehicle operator.



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