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Accessibility Plan & Feedback Process

YVR is committed to providing a smooth and seamless airport experience for everyone

Beyond Accessibility

Beyond Accessibility is YVR’s comprehensive three-year Accessibility Plan (2023-2025) that provides a framework for the airport to continue and improve its efforts to provide a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible travel experience for people of all abilities. The plan has been co-created with YVR’s community and accessibility partners to ensure a predictable, stress-free and enjoyable experiences for passengers of all abilities.

View the Accessibility Plan here

Listen to our Accessibility Plan

Accessible Alternate Formats

Please contact us should you require an alternate format for this Accessibility Plan, Feedback Process or our future progress reports. We have print, large print, braille, audio, and electronic formats available upon request.


Feedback Process


YVR has set up several ways for people to give feedback, compliments, complaints or suggestions. We welcome your feedback personally or anonymously on this plan and any other issues you encounter. Please share your feedback through any of the following methods. Our 24/7 Guest Experience team will acknowledge receipt of your feedback and follow up with you directly to take action and maintain anonymity. We want to ensure that our guests have 24/7 access to information about accessibility.

Our appointed contact position is Senior Accessibility and Inclusion Specialist.

For more information, or to provide feedback, please contact us. Our Guest Experience Team will respond promptly unless the feedback is submitted anonymously.

Mailing Address:

PO Box 44638
YVR Domestic Terminal RPO Richmond, BC, V7B 1W2
Direct: 604-207-7077
TTY (TTD): 604-207-7070
Email: [email protected]

Feedback Form

Please include your name and email address in the form below if you require a response from our team. Should you wish to remain anonymous, please leave the fields blank.
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