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Animal Relief Areas

Animal relief area

Passengers travelling through YVR with a pet or service animal can now find pet relief areas pre-security, and post-security on all piers without having to exit and go outside.


Outdoor pet relief areas pre-security are located outside Internationals Arrivals at the entrance to Chester Johnson Park and at the South Terminal Building (STB) across from the north entrance.

Post Security

We have six full-service Pet Relief Areas post-security at YVR on the A/B, C, and D piers, as well as at the South Terminal. The relief areas are available for any passenger travelling with pets or service animals.


  • A/B Pier: Across from the play area, before Starbucks
  • C Pier: Across from Gate C29, right of the washrooms in the alcove
  • D Pier: Across from Gate D72, near Gates 76 and 77, and between gates 58 and 62
  • STB: Gate G1-2, by the vending machines in the corner

Can’t find an animal relief area or have any questions? Please call our Customer Information Line at 604-207-7077.


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