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To Airport South

Airport South is accessible by vehicle. Hourly and daily parking is available to travellers.


Passengers arriving on the Canada Line can access the 412 Sea Island South bus (Bay 6) at Bridgeport Station in Richmond. The bus goes directly to Airport South.

South Terminal Courtesy Shuttle

South Terminal Shuttle Winter Schedule (October 1-April 30) 41 KB

South Terminal Shuttle Summer Schedule (May 1-September 30) 56 KB

The full South Terminal shuttle schedule is available at the pick-up locations. The stops include the International Terminal, Domestic Terminal, South Terminal and Floatplane Dock. 

At YVR’s Main Terminal, there are two shuttle pick-up areas:

  • The International Terminal pick-up is on Level 3, adjacent to the US transborder check-in area
  • The Domestic Terminal pick-up area is on Level 3, adjacent to the Domestic check-in area


The South Terminal Courtesy Shuttle buses provide services between the Main and South terminals and can accommodate wheelchairs and mobility aids, including non-folding or non-collapsible mobility aids.

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