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Plaza Premium Lounge Terms

Online Plaza Premium Reservation System

Terms & Conditions

Between you and the Vancouver Airport Authority (“Airport Authority”)

By using the Airport Authority’s Online Plaza Premium Reservation System on the YVR website (, you and the Airport Authority agree as follows:

  1. Lounge Reservation.  You can book a reservation for the Plaza Premium Lounge (the “Lounge”) at Vancouver International Airport (“YVR”).
  2. Number of Reservations available:  There are a total of ten (10) Lounge Reservations available per day at the Lounge.  Reservations will not be accepted once the allotted number of reservations per day has been reached.
  3. Number of Reservations per booking.  You can reserve entry to the Lounge for up to ten (10) people per booking per day.
  4. Use of Lounge:  The use of the Lounge is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Plaza Premium Lounge B.C. Ltd. (“Plaza Premium”) which can be found on the Plaza Premium website (
  5. Changes / Cancellations to your Reservation:  Any changes or cancellations to your reservation are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Plaza Premium.
  6. How to Pay.  You must pay for your Lounge Reservation with VISA, MasterCard or American Express.
  7. Payment Due.  Your VISA, MasterCard or American Express (as applicable) will be charged when you make your reservation.
  8. Personal Information Collection.  To complete your online reservation, you must provide the following personal information: your name, postal code, dates of travel, phone number, email address and credit card information (collectively “Personal Information”).  If you do not wish to provide Personal Information, you can terminate the online reservation at any time before your reservation booking number is generated, in which case your Personal Information will not be retained.
  9. Use of Personal Information.  Your Personal Information is used to complete the online reservation, process payment, complete the Lounge reservation transaction provide Plaza Premium with information about your reservation and, if necessary, to communicate with you.  Your Personal Information will not be used for any other purpose by the Airport Authority.  The Airport Authority uses a third party service provider to process online parking reservations and credit card payments.  Personal Information by these third party providers may be processed and stored in countries outside of Canada, including the United States.
  10. Personal Information Protection.  Your Personal Information will be handled in accordance with the Airport Authority’s privacy policy and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.
  11. Agreement to these Terms & Conditions.  By using the Online Plaza Premium Reservation System, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of use of
  12. Customer Comments.  Customer comments and complaints must be forwarded to Plaza Premium at 604-276-6688 (

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