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Plaza Premium Lounge FAQs

How do I book online?

Simply make the booking via our website at least 24 hours prior to your arrival.

Can I use your lounge if I travel with an economy ticket?

Yes. Plaza Premium Lounge is a pay per use lounge and open to all travellers regardless of airline or class of travel.

Are children permitted in the lounge?

Guests are welcome to bring children. However, the lounge is designed as a tranquil relaxing space for travellers. Children should be supervised during the visit. 

Can I leave the lounge to go shopping during my stay?

Yes, you can leave and return within your service time. For security reasons please take your baggage with you when you leave the lounge.

Can I turn up before my booked time?

 You may visit our lounge earlier than your booked time subject to the facility's availability. If the facilities are full, the Plaza Premium Lounge team may therefore be unable to admit you before the booked time.  

What facilities are available in the lounge?

In general, comfortable seating, unlimited complimentary hot food and beverages, a selection of newspapers and magazines. Other facilities are dependent on the individual lounge, but may include showers, private resting areas, televisions, payphones, computer workstations and wireless internet access.

Can I leave my baggage at the lounge?

Your baggage is more than welcome to be kept in the lounge during your stay. However, while you are not using the service, please keep baggage with you for security reasons.  

What if I need to amend or cancel my booking?

All amendments must be made at least 24 hours prior to the booked date and time by emailing us at [email protected]. Cancellations should be made in writing by email, fax or letter, and sent at least 24 hours prior to the booked date and time in order to receive a refund. Administration fee of CAD 10 is applied per person.  

Do I have to go through customs if I am connecting from Vancouver?

It is unnecessary to go through customs if you are arriving from a domestic location, but passengers must clear Canada Customs if you are arriving from International destinations.  

Is it necessary to bring a printed copy of my confirmation to the lounge?

Yes, the print out of your confirmation should be presented at reception. If you are unable to present the printed copy of the confirmation, please email [email protected].  

Will I be able to use the lounge if I am flying to the United States?

Vancouver International Airport has 3 terminals, International Terminal, Domestic Terminal and the US Terminal. Plaza Premium Lounge operates four lounges, one at the International Terminal, two at the Domestic Terminal, and one at US Trans-Boarder Terminal. You will be using the US departure lounge located across from gate E87 if you are flying to USA.

Is smoking permitted in the lounge?

Smoking is not permitted in any of the lounges.

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