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Banh Shop

Fast Food Fast Food
Open now until 20:00
Throughout Vietnam, every street food vendor sells his or her own special version of classic Vietnamese dishes—and, each one purports to have simmered up the very best version—sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy, but always healthy and undeniably craveable. Certainly, every vendor’s dish has their own personal stamp of authenticity— with its own unique flavors and personality. Inspired by this simple core philosophy of reinventing the classics through a modern prism of spices and ingredients, Bánh Shop was born, selling the fresh vibrant flavors of the streets of Saigon, piled high into baguettes and tossed into steaming bowls of hot noodles and rice.
  • After security
  • Before security
Terminal US
Security After
Gate E84
Phone 604.247.9401
Hours 04:30 - 20:00 Daily

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