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Porter Services

Porter Service (fee for hire service/user pay) is available at the curb and in the main terminal to help with your luggage or help manage your group.

Hours of service:  05:00-01:30

  • Available on all arrival and departure areas
  • On a first-come, first-served basis
  • Porter Service includes the movement of luggage from the luggage arrival carousal to vehicle curbside loading area and/or from the curb to the airline check-in counter
  • Vancouver Skycap Porters are an independent and licensed Porter Service company independent of the Airport or Airlines.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call: 604-834-5916 or 604-830-7655. 

Posted FeeRates (available from the porter and posted on the porter carts):

  • $10.00 flat fee for up to three (3) items
  • $2.00 for each additional item

NOTE: Moving pets will be an extra $20 per each pet crate.

(Tipping is optional)

Additional $5.00 for:

  • Moving baggage from International Arrivals to Domestic Departures
  • Moving baggage from International Arrivals to Car parkade
  • Moving baggage from Domestic Arrivals to International Departures
  • Moving baggage from International arrivals to Rental Car pick-up offices


  • International/USA Arrivals in Canada Customs Hall or Domestic Arrivals - $3.00 per piece
    • To hold sign and gather passengers in Canada Customs Hall - $20.00 per hour or flight
      Note:  If there are more than fifty passengers arriving at the same time or if there are passengers arriving on multiple flights simultaneously, more than one porter will be required
  • Domestic, US and International Departures  -  $3.00 per piece

All prices are in CAD Canadian dollars. USD currency is also accepted.

NOTE:  Receipts including Porter contact information provided upon request.


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