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Noise Monitoring and Flight Tracking

YVR has a network of noise monitoring terminals throughout Metro Vancouver. Noise data collected from the monitoring terminals are integrated with flight track radar data provided by NAV CANADA. This information helps assess the contribution of aircraft noise relative to other community noise sources. For more information on the YVR's Noise Monitoring and Flight Tracking System and its network, please view the factsheet below. A summary of noise monitoring data can be viewed in YVR annual noise reports

Noise Monitoring and Flight Tracking 201 KB

YVR Webtrak for Community

WebTrak provides information on flight tracks and noise over the Metro Vancouver area. Data is available with a 10-minute delay and can be accessed for 90 days.

Some information is not available in WebTrak. Specific flight information, including airline and flight number, remains hidden. Sensitive flight operations, such as law enforcement and military flights, are not displayed.

WebTrak data is not intended for navigational or regulatory enforcement purposes. Limitations in radar data and imaging can skew altitude data, especially at low levels.

Launch YVR WebTrak

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