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Linking the World

Image of art at YVR: Cedar Connection
  • Cedar Connection
    Year: 2009
    Artist: Susan Point
    Dimensions and materials: Red cedar, acrylic paint | 3.35 x 3.04 x 3.04 m
    Terminal: Domestic
    Level: Level 4
    Security access: Before security
    Susan Point's Cedar Connection is a large and complex sculpture that evokes the landscape and culture of the area's original people. The shape as a towering, old growth tree stump suggests the richness of the temperate rainforest and also honours the natural cycle of life, in which trees sprout upward, mature and eventually fall. The Fraser River is represented by a flowing waterline motif on the interior and looking outward are a human face with a rounded mouth evoking the oral culture of the Coast Salish people and an owl, which functions as a messenger and a keeper of wisdom.
Image of art at YVR: Celebrating Flight
  • Celebrating Flight

    Year: 2007
    Artist: Don Yeomans
    Dimensions and materials: Red cedar, canvas, acrylic paint, LED lights, fibreglass | approx. 10.69 x 4.4 x 3.75 m
    Terminal: Domestic
    Level: Level 3
    Security access: Before security

    The central element of this installation is a carved and painted pole, one that blends Haida forms and traditions together with cross-cultural references and contemporary allusions. The intention of the pole's artist, Don Yeomans, is to honour humankind for transcending our earthbound existence by creating machines that enable us to fly. At the top of the pole is the Creator Raven and below him is the figure of a man. The Northwest Coast images are combined with references to European and Asian cultures through Celtic knot-work and Chinese characters, the latter denoting "Heaven," "Earth," "Pride" and "Civilization."


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