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Relationship Manager and Committee

YVR and Musqueam are committed to ensuring that the Friendship Agreement meets the expectations of both parties and results in the continuous building of a positive and mutually beneficial friendship.

Relationship Manager

Part of the Friendship Agreement included hiring a Relationship Manager from Musqueam to further develop the relationship between the two parties, facilitating the elements of this Agreement and exploring new joint business opportunities.

Mary Point accepted the role in February of 2018. Mary has the perfect mix of experience and connections, having worked with Indigenous peoples across B.C. for 20 years and with the Musqueam Indian Band for 7 years as the Facilities Manager - all prior to her time at YVR. She implements the agreement by working with specific teams across YVR, helping Musqueam with key priorities such as employment opportunities, cultural education and artisan events. While Mary holds the role of Relationship Manager, her position within Vancouver Airport Authority is Indigenous Relations Director.

Relationship Committee

Musqueam and YVR have appointed representatives to sit on a Musqueam—YVR Relationship Committee, which ensures we maintain an effective working relationship. Members of the committee include Mary Point, Musqueam Councilors Tammy Harkey and Allyson Fraser, and YVR staff: Morgan Guerin (Indigenous Relations Manager), Alana Lawrence (Advisor to the CEO), Richard Beed (VP, People and Brand), and Lynette DuJohn (VP, Innovation / CIO).

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