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The Pacific Passage

Image of "Transformation Mask" art piece at YVR
  • Transformation Mask
    Year: 2000
    Artist:Stan Wamiss
    Dimensions and materials: Red cedar, acrylic paint, horse hair | 104 x 89 x 97 cm
    Terminal: US
    Level: Level 3
    Security access: After security

    The large and dramatic transformation mask created by Kwakwaka'wakw artist Stan Wamiss depicts Raven, cultural hero and trickster, as its outer being, visible when the mask is in its closed position, and the fearsome-looking Bak'was as its inner being, revealed when the mask is open. Transformation masks, whose inner and outer faces vary widely according to the story being enacted, are worn by ceremonial dancers. They convey, in a dynamic and theatrical way, the act of transforming from one being or condition of existence into another.
Image of Hetux
  • Hetux
    Year: 2000
    Artist: Connie Watts
    Dimensions and materials: Aluminum, baltic birch, stain | 6.5 x 4.2 x 4.6 m
    Terminal: US
    Level: Level 4
    Security access: After security

    Named after artist Connie Watt's grandmother, this dramatic work combines the features of the mythological Thunderbird with the personality of a woman Watts describes as determined, creative and generous. It is a strong example of Watts' style, with an innovative contemporary recasting of the elements of classic Northwest Coast art. Created from powder-coated aluminum and stained birch panels, Hetux looms above travellers as they walk through YVR's Pacific Passage, displaying images of animals and celestial bodies that represent aspects of Hetux's character including intensity, determination, joy and prosperity.

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