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Noise Management Plan

At YVR, we are committed to being a leader in sustainability and a responsible neighbour. That means we undertake proactive efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of our operations and have a comprehensive program to address aircraft noise.  The Noise Management Plan is an integral part of advancing the goals and objectives of the Aeronautical Noise Management Program.

2025-2029 Noise Management Plan

We are currently undertaking work to create the next Noise Management Plan which will identify initiatives and key focus areas for the years 2025-2029. While the last Noise Management Plan ended in 2023, the work to create the new Plan was deferred due to many challenges and unknowns following the global pandemic at the time.

To create the new Noise Management Plan, we will work closely with members of the YVR Aeronautical Noise Management Committee and invite the members of community to complete the following online questionnaire to provide input on potential initiatives and feedback on our current communication and engagement efforts.

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All input and feedback we receive will be evaluated and form the foundation of an action plan in the new Noise Management Plan. The questionnaire will be available until July 14. 

The draft Noise Management Plan will be submitted to Transport Canada at the end of this year for their review. When Transport Canada has completed their review, the new Plan will be made available on our website. We will also report back to the community on what we heard through the questionnaire and how this has translated into initiatives and work focus areas.

Helpful Information to Support the Questionnaire

To help answer the questionnaire, we invite you to review the following information and web materials first to learn more about the various elements of the YVR Aeronautical Noise Management Program and how we currently communicate and engage with stakeholders and community on aircraft noise related topics:

YVR Noise Management Program

As part of our Ground Lease with the federal government, the Airport Authority is required to manage noise associated with airport operations within 10-nautical miles of the airport. To address these requirements, we have developed a comprehensive noise management program to manage noise impacts from aircraft and airport operations. Core elements of our noise management program includes: 5-year Noise Management Plan; stakeholder engagement; maintaining noise abatement procedures; noise monitoring and flight tracking; and providing information to answer community questions and concerns. 

As a responsible neighbor, we ensure that YVR’s noise management program is proactive and transparent. We are committed to finding ways to minimize noise disturbances while balancing the need for safe, convenient 24-hour air travel.

YVR Aeronautical Noise Management Committee (ANMC)

As the key stakeholder group, ANMC provides input and suggestions on YVR’s Noise Management Program. Membership on this committee includes citizen and City staff representatives, Musqueam, airlines, industry associations, NAV CANADA, Transport Canada, and the Vancouver Airport Authority / L'Administration de l’aéroport de Vancouver. Please visit the ANMC page to learn more about the Committee’s role in our Noise Management program and to review past meeting minutes.

Noise Monitoring and Flight Tracking Program

YVR maintains an Aircraft Noise Monitoring & Flight Tracking System, that receives measured noise data from a network of noise monitoring terminals throughout Metro Vancouver and radar flight track data from NAV CANADA. This system allows us to assess the contribution of aircraft noise in various parts of community relative to other community noise sources. More information on our system is available on the flight tracking and monitoring page. Residents can also view real-time and historical noise monitoring data and flight tracks that we collect through the YVR WebTrak system.

Reports and Other Web Materials

We keep our website updated with various resources to provide information and updates on our operations and Noise Management Program, including:

Annual Noise Management Reports

Answers to your frequently asked questions

South runway maintenance schedule

Responding to Community Questions and Concerns about Aircraft Noise

There are various channels residents can use to contact YVR Noise Management Office with their questions and concerns about aircraft noise, including a dedicated email, web inquiry form, WebTrak, and Noise Information Line. All inquiries are logged and investigated, and the Noise Management staff will provide information to answer questions and concerns. Please visit our Contact Us page for further information.

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