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Community Investment

YVR Art Foundation art

YVR Art Foundation

Quest Food Exchange

  • Since 2011, YVR’s food and financial donations to the Quest Outreach Society totaling over $564,000 have resulted in 41 metric tonnes of quality surplus food and products diverted from landfill sites and approximately 256 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas equivalents prevented from entering our atmosphere.

YVR Pride Parade

Vancouver Pride Society

  • We’re proud to partner with the Vancouver Pride Society to further diversity and inclusion in British Columbia. In 2022, we added an incredibly vibrant Pride Installation to the Canada Line Walkway – a stunning and educational piece supporting a safe space for all of us to be our most authentic selves.

mountain wide

Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports

  • As a world leader in providing barrier-free airport facilities, we want to help bring awareness to accessibility issues. Every year, YVR takes part in the annual VASS Corporate Challenge event at Vancouver's Grouse Mountain to promote adaptive snow sports programs and opportunities for people living with a disability.


  • Empowering People

    We're passionate about breaking down barriers and lifting others up by supporting BC-based organizations doing transformative work in our communities.

  • Supporting Communities

    We strive for creating an inclusive community rich of culture, diversity and appreciation for art.

  • Creating a Sustainable Future
    We're proud to work closely with community and environmental organizations who's focused work is critical to ensure a bright future for our province.

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