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Wildlife Management Program

YVR is committed to ensuring safe aircraft operations and conserving the wildlife we share the skies with. This is why we have one of the most dynamic airport wildlife management programs in the world.

Wildlife Patrols—24/7

Armed with a deep understanding of wildlife ecology and a suite of non-lethal tools for managing wildlife, the YVR Wildlife Team patrols the airfield year-round. We use a wide range of methods—trained border collies, pyrotechnics, lasers and even stock whips—to scare and disperse hazardous wildlife.

Raptor Trap & Translocation Program

In 2014, we safely captured and removed a record 145 raptors through our Raptor Trap & Translocation Program. These birds are transported away from the airfield and marked with special tags so we can track their movements.

Falconry Program

The Wildlife Team deploys trained raptors through our Falconry Program. The trained raptors help us discourage hazardous shorebirds, ducks, geese and herons from remaining on the airfield.   
Wildlife Management
  • 16 Trained wildlife biologists working with YVR
  • 149 Raptors translocated safely from YVR in 2015

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