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Paper Planes Café

YVR is proud to support and partner with Pacific Autism Network in their efforts to build meaningful inclusion opportunities from making travel more accessible, foster understanding across our airport community and provide employment opportunities. 

Together with PAFN, we are pleased to welcome Paper Planes Café at YVRthe first-of-its kind, inclusive and accessible café at any Canadian airport. This partnership reflects YVR's commitment to accessibility and serving our community and the economy that supports it. The café will be operated and staffed by a team of individuals of different abilities from across the neurodiverse community.

Paper Planes Café represents more than just a coffee shop; it symbolizes our commitment to creating an airport that's truly for everyone. This social enterprise venture doesn't just offer high-quality food and beverages; it serves as a platform for individuals with diverse abilities to gain paid employment training and invaluable work experience.

The next time you travel through YVR, we encourage you to visit Paper Planes Café, and witness how a simple cup of coffee can brew inclusivity, empowerment and support to create an accessible travel and employment environment for people of all abilities. 

For more information about hours of operation and location, visit:

Learn more about other initiatives we are working with PAFN on to better support our Neurodiverse community.

Access our Neurodiverse Accessibility Travel Resources here.

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