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Taxis and wheelchair-accessible vehicles are available at taxi stands located on Level 2 of the Domestic and International Arrivals Area at YVR.

Fully licensed and trained drivers

  • Taxi drivers who pick up passengers from YVR are fully licensed.
  • Taxi drivers are required to complete a course in safe driving, customer service and special needs assistance.

Zone Fares

  • Zone fares apply from YVR to specified zones
  • Metered rates apply on return trips to YVR and to areas outside of the zones
  • If two or more passengers are going to different addresses in a zone, the zone rate applies until the first passenger(s) disembark
  • The meter rate applies to the transport of the other passenger(s)
  • The meter may only be engaged when the taxi starts moving towards the second destination
  • Rates do not include gratuities
YVR Zone Fare Map  227 KB