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Security Restricted Area Access

Regulations require that all personnel entering onto the restricted areas have the appropriate security arrangements and adhere to procedures in place to prevent or reduce unlawful interference with civil aviation and applicable Transport Canada security regulations.

General Requirements

The contractor is responsible to:

  • Apply for, control, and return any passes, keys, or electronic access control devices.
  • Ensure that all personnel carry and display the proper identification at all times. Failure to produce a valid pass and identification will result in denial to, or removal from, restricted areas and the possible issuance of an Airport Violation Notice (AVN).
  • Ensure gates and doorways providing access to restricted areas are locked or guarded, and that access is restricted to authorized persons only.
  • Ensure that hoarding, fences, and gates are not damaged. Any broken or damaged hoarding, fencing or gates should be reported to the Airport Authority Operations Centre immediately for proper repairs.
  • Ensure that a 3-m clear zone is maintained along the exterior of any fence line displaying “Restricted Area” signage, and a 1-m clear zone along the interior of any such fence.
  • Provide security escorts and temporary passes for all workers required to work in restricted areas.
  • Pay for all necessary security escort services.
  • Report immediately to Airport Authority Operations any suspicious activity related to unauthorized access to restricted areas.
  • Challenge any person suspected of unauthorized entry into the restricted areas.

Report immediately any security violations to Airport Authority Operations or Security.

Access to Restricted Areas

Access into terminal restricted areas or the airside area requires that each individual entering the area has fulfilled all Transport Canada and Airport Authority stipulated security requirements and checks, and possesses an approved document of entitlement.

Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC)

This is a permanent pass that permits the holder to proceed unescorted into the restricted area while performing work-related activities.

Contractor Request for a RAIC

Select contractor personnel may be eligible to apply for a RAIC subject to the conditions listed below.

Criteria for Contractor Application

The following criteria must be met before a contractor application for a RAIC:

  • A contract has been awarded, or a Letter of Intent has been issued, between the contractor and the Airport Authority for a specific construction project.
  • The contractor has been or will be working on multiple projects for the Airport Authority and the Airport Authority expects that the contractor will continue working on future projects.
  • The anticipated duration of the project warrants application for a RAIC. RAIC applications can take three months or more for processing and acceptance. Therefore, a general guideline is the project must last at least six months.
  • The location of the project warrants contractor application for a RAIC.
  • On airside projects where Airside Escorts are stipulated for guarding and escort, contractors may not have a valid reason for requiring a RAIC and therefore may not be eligible to apply for a RAIC.
  • On airside projects that can be accessed and worked by contractors with RAICs, contractor personnel may be eligible to apply for a RAIC.

Eligible Contractor Personnel

The following personnel are eligible for consideration for a RAIC:

  • Project Managers and site supervisory personnel
  • Site First Aid Attendants, site Construction Safety Officers
  • Independent consultants who are or are likely to be engaged in ongoing work for the Airport Authority

The Airport Authority will not consider other contractor personnel applications unless the contractor can demonstrate valid reasons for such personnel to have a RAIC.

Contractor Application

Subject to meeting the above requirements, contractor personnel may proceed with seeking a RAIC by completing the necessary documents and processes as prescribed by Airport Authority Access Control Office. The Access Control Office is located in the Domestic Terminal Building Level 1, Room 1111 next to the Medical Clinic. Office hours are 07:00–16:00 hours from Monday to Friday, including statutory holidays, and closed on the weekends. . The Contractor Personnel must complete the following applications or online course prior to submit documentations to the Access Control office.

  1. Complete online Canadian Airport Security Awareness Program
  2. Complete YVR RAIC application (provided by RAIC sponsor)
  3. Complete Online Transportation Security Clearance application – submit and print
  4. Complete Access Request form for Office & Infrastructure (if necessary)

Item 2, 3, and 4 requires Signing Authority’s signature.  Once all have been completed, the contractor will then submit to Access Control Office.  Once the application package is approved, the Access Control Office will send a link to the applicant to reserve an appointment online before attending the office for processing.  Applicants must bring all original applicable IDs to the appointment time.

Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC) Sponsorship

Contractor personnel must have RAIC applications signed by an approved Airport Authority sponsor before submitting them to Access Control Office. The contractor may request sponsorship from:

  • Airport Authority Project Manager responsible for the project, if the Project Manager has RAIC signing authority
  • Airport Authority Director of Engineering or Director of Maintenance
  • Airport Authority Safety Coordinator for contractor First Aid Attendant or Construction Safety Officer applications

If the company is first time operating at YVR, the Access Control Office will require two letters to create a new company file.

  1. Sponsorship letter from authorized YVR Signing Authority – template is available via Access Control office.
  2. Introduction letter from Contractor Company to explain nature of work and introduction of the company. 

Note: Sponsorship for a Restricted Area Identity Card does not constitute any guarantee that the applicant will receive the RAIC.

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