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Invoicing and Payments

When providing goods and services to the Airport Authority, we want to ensure suppliers are correctly paid as outlined in their associated contracts and purchase orders. The following are instructions that will assist suppliers in getting prompt and accurate payment from the Airport Authority.

Invoicing Instructions

Invoices are to be mailed to the following address:

Vancouver Airport Authority – Accounts Payable

PO Box 44638
YVR Domestic Terminal RPO
Richmond, BC V7B 1W2

Or emailed to: [email protected]

  • Submit only invoices to this address

  • Emailed invoices submit in XLS, DOC, PDF format only

  • Submit any supporting documents to your Airport Authority Buyer

  • Don't send duplicate hard copy or soft-copy invoices in any manner. Should a need arise to submit an invoice copy, ensure it is clearly labeled COPY

Minimum Invoice Requirements

Supplier’s invoices must include the following:

  • Addressee must be Vancouver Airport Authority – Accounts Payable

  • Airport Authority’s Order Number: Purchase Order Number (PO#) or Contract Order Number (CO#)

  • Reference only one (1) order per invoice

  • GST Registration Number

  • Invoice Number

  • Total Invoice Value with taxes clearly identified. If applicable, include quantity and unit price

  • Supplier’s contact name and e-mail address

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