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Driver Operators

All commercial and non-public curbside access must be pre-approved by the YVR Airport Authority and follow the appropriate operating procedures including designated pick-up areas.

YVR Commercial Vehicle Program

If you would like to pick-up customers directly from YVR, you must apply to be approved to join YVR’s Commercial Vehicle Program.

To join the program, your business must:

  • Require access to the Terminal to pick-up and/or drop-off passengers and/or provide transport services related to those passengers;
  • Meet the applicable Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance and Passenger Transportation Board (PTB) License requirements;
  • Have the appropriate technology to participate in the program (ie. access to the Internet, smart phone, valid e-mail address and phone number);
  • Maintain the condition of your vehicle(s) in a safe manner free from substantial or material body damage;
  • Be able to provide a valid credit card to be stored on-file for on-line payments;
  • Accept and follow YVR’s Commercial Vehicle Operating Procedures and Terms & Conditions;
  • Complete and sign the Commercial Vehicle Operator Permit form and attach it to the Online Application. Instructions to apply can be found here.

Applying does not guarantee admission to the program. Trip fees can be viewed under “Commercial Fees and Charges” on Fees and Charges. For general inquiries, please contact YVR Parking and Ground Transportation at [email protected].

Commercial Vehicle Procedures 557 KB
Commercial Vehicle Operator Permit 253 KB

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