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Resale of Surplus Goods

As part of the Airport Authority’s Sustainable Purchasing Policy, all methods are used to find other uses for surplus goods before they are considered to be obsolete and disposed of through the normal recycling and waste management programs.

Surplus Goods

When the Airport Authority no longer requires goods that either have value or are still useful, these goods are considered “Surplus” and are sent out for sale to the public auctions or cash and carry sales. All goods are sold on an "as is, where is" basis. There are no warranties of any kind transferred to the buyers. Therefore, buyers are urged to inspect all goods for condition and suitability prior to bidding.

Public Auctions

The Airport Authority uses BC Auction and third-party companies to resell its surplus goods. Auctions are conducted periodically depending on companies and goods available. 

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Surplus Goods and Disposal

Phone:  (604) 303-3157

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