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Contractor Safety

Safety is YVR's top priority. We maintain rigorous standards to ensure our contractors understand our safety expectations.

Contractor Safety Lifecycle

The YVRAA CSMP provides a framework for stakeholders to manage safe work throughout a project.

There are three key phases that work together and form the framework of the CSMP:

  1. Planning safe work (Pre-work phase)
  2. Doing and monitoring safe work (Work phase)
  3. Evaluating safe work (Post-work phase)

CSMP Support — For questions related to the management of contractor safety, please contact YVR Contractor Safety by email or by phone 778-836-2192.

Why a CSMP?

The purpose of the Contractor Safety Management Program (CSMP) is to identify, assess, and control hazards related to contractors working at Vancouver Airport Authority (YVRAA) facilities.

YVRAA expects contractors to identify and manage workplace hazards and commit to safe practices. These include, but are not limited to:

The following documents support the CSMP Framework Documents and provide further guidance:

  • General Conditions of Contract
  • Building Related Hazardous Materials Management Program
  • Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
  • Baggage Hall Guidance Document
  • Related Works Document
  • Environmental Requirements
  • Security Requirements