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Prequalifying Contractors

All contractors are required to support the Vancouver Airport Authority’s commitments to health and safety, goals, and approaches by developing and implementing their own policies, programs, and procedures/practices to effectively meet or exceed the Airport Authority’s H&S program requirements.

As part of the prequalification process, contractors must complete the Qualification Questionnaire that applies to their tier level. The questionnaires are administered by ComplyWorks, a third-party provider.

Contractor Tier Levels

Contractor tier levels are based primarily on the size of the company, as well as on the nature and extent of the risks and hazards associated with the type of work and services the contractor provides. To determine the hazard rating of the contracted work, see the WorkSafeBC Assigned Hazard Rating List.

The following table lists contractor tier levels, requirements, and criteria. All prequalification processes are administered by ComplyWorks.

Tier Requirement Criteria/Description
Tier 1
Moderate/high-risk contractors Complete a formal prequalification process Contractor operations are categorized as moderate or high risk by the WorkSafeBC Assigned Hazard Rating List
Large, Low-risk contractors Complete a formal prequalification process Contractors have a workforce of 50 or more employees, AND their operations are categorized as low risk by the WorkSafeBC Assigned Hazard Rating List
Tier 2
Small, Low-risk contractors Complete an enterprise risk management prequalification process Contractors have a workforce of fewer than 50 employees, AND their operations are categorized as low risk by the WorkSafeBC Assigned Hazard Rating List
Tier 3
Exempt contractors None Contractors are exempt from the prequalification process. Types of contractors that may fall under this tier include offsite suppliers, caterers, trainers, couriers, personal service providers, and others determined by the Airport Authority.
Note: the Airport Authority reserves the right to ask any of these contractors to complete a pre-qualification at our discretion.

ComplyWorks Qualification Questionnaire

Contractors must complete the questionnaire for their tier in their YVR – ComplyWorks profile. They will be evaluated and verified against the following:

  • Their responses to the ComplyWorks questionnaire
  • H&S documents uploaded into ComplyWorks

Evaluation and verification occur at various stages throughout the contractor/supplier life cycle as part of the ongoing CSMP.

ComplyWorks Subscription

All contractors must pay an annual fee to ComplyWorks for a subscription. The ComplyWorks fee is based on company size and the hazard/risk rating of the contractor’s operations. For information on pricing, see the ComplyWorks FAQ.

To be considered prequalified to perform selected forms of work with the Airport Authority, contractors must maintain “Compliant/Green” status.

If contractors fail to maintain compliant status with the qualification requirements or H&S performance standards, their status will be listed as “Warning” or “Non-Compliant”. If this happens, they will need to update their profile or obtain special permissions before being allowed to work with the Airport Authority.

Contractor Qualification – Emergency or Non-Routine Process

For emergency situations when time does not permit the routine contractor prequalification process to be followed, a Tier 1 or Tier 2 contractor who is not prequalified may be used as a last resort, subject to approval.

For questions related to this content, please contact YVR Contractor Safety by email at [email protected] or by phone at 604-276-7797.

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