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International Students

The Expedited Processing Submission Form

The Expedited Processing Submission Form is currently unavailable. This program is on hold until further notice. 

PRIVACY NOTICE: The Vancouver Airport Authority (“VAA”) has developed this online form to assist the Canada Border Services Agency (“CBSA”) in facilitating your arrival at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) as an international student through the Study Permit program. To allow for an efficient and streamlined process upon your arrival at YVR, please complete as much of this form as possible. The completion of this form is voluntary and does not replace your obligation to present yourself to a CBSA officer and answer truthfully all questions asked by an officer in the performance of their duties as it relates to your admission to Canada or that of your goods upon your arrival at YVR. By pressing the “SUBMIT” button below, you understand and agree that the information you provide in this form has been offered voluntarily and will be sent directly to the CBSA to be used and/or disclosed by the CBSA in accordance with its applicable policies and procedures, under Section 8 of the Privacy Act and/or Section 107 of the Customs Act. The VAA collects your information on this form only for the purpose of transmitting your information directly and securely to an authorized representative of the CBSA and does not otherwise use, disclose or retain copies of your submission after transmission. As such, should you need to correct previously submitted information, please resubmit your information using this form. The VAA takes your privacy seriously. For more information about VAA’s privacy practices, please review our Privacy Policy or contact our Privacy Officer at [email protected].

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