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YVR TAKEcare is a health and safety program designed to help people move through our airport safely and with confidence. It places industry-leading health, safety and cleaning practices and protocols at the forefront of airport processes.

Our Commitment: YVR TAKEcare reflects the latest health, safety and cleaning measures as outlined by government agencies and health industry experts. Whether you are a traveller or airport worker, rest assured you are safeguarding your health and well-being by following the steps outlined in this program. You can have confidence in us to take care of you. 

Under TAKEcare, we are investing in new technologies and reconfiguring airport infrastructure, expanding on existing measures and implementing new ones. 

Current measures include:

  • All employees, passengers and people going through YVR must be fully vaccinated. 
  • Masks are required in the terminal and on board flights
  • Increasing cleaning across all high-touch areas.
  • Providing additional hand sanitizer throughout the airport.
  • Installing plexiglass at counters.
  • Placing TAKEcare team members at key locations throughout the airport.
  • Deploying multiple Hygiena units, which provide rapid and accurate sanitation verification. 
  • Using UV technology to detect cleanliness of surfaces and clean high-touch areas such as escalators. 
  • Deploying our Green Machine to regularly clean curbside areas. 

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