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Travel Requirement FAQ

When will the new testing and quarantine requirements come into effect? 
The new testing and quarantine requirements will come into effect on February 21 at 8:59 p.m. PST.  

What is the cost of the hotel stay? 
The Government of Canada has noted that the hotel stay at a government-approved facility is at the traveller’s own cost. The government has indicated the costs are approximately $2000/person. Book your hotel here. 

Where do I register for my PCR test on arrival? 
You can register with LifeLabs directly. The website is coming soon and we will update once available. 

Where do I get my follow up PCR test at 8 days? 
Travellers will be provided with a test kit at the airport. Further instructions will be provided with the kit. 

If my first test is positive, do I stay at my government-approved hotel or switch to a new government quarantine facility? 
Travellers with positive test results will be transferred to a federal quarantine facility. 

Where will the testing take place? 
Travellers arriving in Canada from an international destination will be tested at the airport upon arrival. 

How will private or charter flights be processed? 
Private/Charter flights will still be subject to the same requirements and will follow the same process as commercial flights. 

What happens if/when I receive a negative test result? 
Those with negative test results will be able to leave the hotel and pursue onward travel home or to final place of quarantine for the remainder of the mandatory 14-day quarantine period.

All international travellers, whether at hotel or at home, will be required to undergo another PCR test on Day 10. If positive, they must restart the 14-day quarantine cycle again.


Can my family stay together in the hotel room? Do we each need a separate room? 
It is up to your own discretion. The number of hotel rooms you need to book is your choice. 

I am a student, am I exempt from these requirements? 
Students are not exempt from the new requirements and must follow all requirements including PCR testing on arrival as well as the 3-day hotel quarantine stay. Find out more on 

My child is flying to YVR and is a minor. Do they need to follow the 3-day quarantine hotel stay?
Unaccompanied minors are exempt from the new requirements.  

Once I am ready to leave the airport to go to the government-approved hotel, can I take an Uber?
Yes. Ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft are now permitted. Travellers also have the option of taking the hotel shuttle, using their own personal vehicle, or using a taxi to get to the hotel. Public transport or other forms of transportation are not permitted. More information here.

What happens if I test positive, and miss my connecting flight?
Please speak to your airline directly.

What about connections?
If connecting domestically, you must undergo testing and hotel requirement in the city you arrive in. 


If connecting to another international destination, you are exempt from the requirements provided you stay behind the security line and do not clear Canada Customs. Anyone clearing Canada Customs is subject to these new requirements. 


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