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FAQ for Online Parking Reservations

1. How do I reserve online?

There are five simple steps to a successful booking:

  • Select your date and time details
  • Select the parking product that that best suits you
  • Complete your passenger details
  • Complete your payment details (including entering the license plate of the vehicle you will use to enter and exit the lot)
  • Bring your confirmation number as provided in our confirmation email (please remember that you will need to bring your registered vehicle)

2. Is there an additional reservation fee?
No reservation fee is applied to bookings made via

3. How far ahead can I reserve?
You may reserve up to six months ahead of your travel date.

4. Can I reserve at short notice?
A minimum of four hours before arrival at the lot is required for booking. However, we recommend reserving in advance to secure the best rate and ensure you can reserve a space in the parking lot of your choice.

5. How are parking charges calculated?
Parking charges are calculated by the half hour, the day and the week based on the times and dates selected when the booking was made. Parking charges do not vary, meaning the charge is the same whether you book six months in advance or four hours prior to coming in. 

6. What do I do at the airport on the day of travel?
Drive to the parking lot you have pre-booked. Signage is clearly visible at the airport. Please bring the map that is available on the website and your confirmation QR code. 

For Value Long Term and Parkade: Once you have located the correct parking lot, drive up to the entrance gates and the license plate recognition system will activate and drop a token. In the event it does not recognize the license plate, scan your QR code by placing it into the slot at the entrance column. The entry gate will recognize your QR code. You need to take the token and the gate will open for you. Please remember that you will need to bring your registered vehicle and QR code to both enter and exit the parking lot.

For jetSet YVR Parking: Enter the new facility through the vehicle condition recording gate and drop off your vehicle in a designated drop-off lane. Take your baggage into the customer service building and check-in and drop off your keys. Hop on the complimentary shuttle and arrive at the terminal in less than five minutes.

7. Where do I park in the Value Long Term lot or Parkade?
Once you have entered the parking lot that you pre-booked, you may park in any parking stall that is unoccupied.

8. What payment methods are accepted?
We accept the following cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

9. How do I know that my reservation has been placed?
As soon as your payment has been accepted you will receive an online receipt; shortly after placing your booking, you will receive an email with a booking reference number and QR code confirming all your details. You should bring a printed copy of your confirmation number and QR code with you to the Airport as well as the map of where your chosen parking lot is located. You can also view your reservation by simply clicking on “Manage my Booking” on the YVR website. All bookings are made subject to our Terms and Conditions.

10. What happens if I need to cancel my booking?
You can cancel all bookings up to four hours prior to your booked departure time at no charge. The simplest way is to click on the “Manage my Booking” button at the top of the parking homepage. In all communication, please quote the booking reference number.

11. What happens if I need to amend my booking?
You may amend your booking up to four hours prior to your booked entry time at no additional charge. The simplest way is to click on the “Manage my Booking” button at the top of the parking homepage. In all communication, please quote the booking reference number.

12. What happens if I forget or lose my booking confirmation?
If you do not have your booking confirmation, you are still able to enter and exit the parking lot when the system recognizes your registered license plate. You can also scan your QR code with your smartphone at the entry and exit columns. We recommend having a printed copy with you when you enter and exit the lot. 

Alternatively, you can have a new booking confirmation resent by clicking on the “Manage my Booking” button.

13. What is “Manage my Booking”?
This service enables you to amend or cancel your booking online. You can amend all your details including your registered vehicle and license plate details and entry and exit dates up to 4 hours prior to your booked entrance time.

14. What happens if I want to bring a different vehicle to the one confirmed at booking?
If you are going to use a different vehicle to that detailed on your confirmation receipt, you can amend these details to your reservation online. Simply click on “Manage my Booking” function with at least four hours prior to the booked in time. If you enter and exit the parking lot using a vehicle that is not your registered vehicle, you may be charged the rates displayed at the entry to the lot.

15. What if I have forgotten or lost my QR code when I arrive at the airport?
If you enter and exit the parking lot regular procedures without your QR code, you may be charged at the rates displayed at the entry to the lot. Retain a copy of your parking receipt and contact the Parking and Ground Transportation office ([email protected]) upon your return.

16. How do I exit the parking lot?
When you return from your trip, simply put your token into the token acceptor slot at one of our express exit gates. The exit gate will then open to let you out.

17. What happens if I enter the parking lot prior to my confirmed booking time?
If you enter the parking lot and you are not within two hours of your confirmed booking time, an amendment to your booking is required. Simply click on “Manage my Booking” function or contact the Parking & Ground Transportation office ([email protected] or for jetSet YVR Parking [email protected]). You will be charged the cost of additional time based on the rates displayed at entry.

18. What happens if I exit the parking lot later than my confirmed booking time?
If you exit the parking lot after your confirmed booking time you will be charged the cost of additional time, based on the rates displayed at entry.

19. What happens if I exit the parking lot earlier than what I pre-booked?
No refund will be made if your stay is shorter than the Booking period. 

20. How do I get Aeroplan miles?
Aeroplan miles are awarded with qualifying stays in specific parking facilities. If your stay qualifies, simply type in your Aeroplan number in the allotted field when entering personal data. Please note that Aeroplan miles are not awarded until the exit date is selected and cannot be combined with other promotions such as the BCAA discount.

21. How do I book accessible parking?
All of our facilities have designated disabled parking stalls. We do not differentiate disabled parking for reservation purposes. 

22. Can I make a reservation for a motorcycle, oversized vehicle or a trailer?
Reservations cannot be made for oversized vehicles and are on a first come, first serve providing there is space available. Any vehicle requiring additional spaces may be subject to extra charges.

23. Is there any height restrictions?
There are no height restrictions in the jetSet Parking lot. There is a height restriction of 6’6” (2 metres) in the Parkade and 11'.9" (3.6 metres) in the Value Long Term Lot.

24. What if I want to reserve more than one car travelling on the same date?
You can reserve for more than one vehicle for the same dates; however, you will need to make separate bookings. 

25. Why is there no availability for the dates I am trying to book? 
If there are no parking options listed for the dates entered, the car park is fully booked for all or part of your stay; or you do not meet the booking conditions for the product selected.

26. How do I know my payment details are secure?
This site is PCI-DSS compliant and uses SSL encryption software which is the industry standard. It encrypts all of your personal information including credit card number. The complete booking site is secure and this will be evidenced to you by a padlock appearing in your web browser (location will depend on browser and version being used) and the green browser address bar. Click here to view YVR Privacy Policy.

27. How do I make a reservation for Gateway Valet?
If you would like to reserve a parking stall with Gateway Valet, please e-mail [email protected] and include your name, email address, dates and time of departure/return flight and the parking facility (Gateway Valet). A confirmation will be emailed within 72 hours of receipt.

28. How do I make a reservation for the South Terminal or any of the other YVR parking lots?
We are currently accepting reservations for the jetSet Parking lot, Parkade and the Value Long Term lot. If you do not see your selection, it may be unavailable or sold out. Please check back on for updates.  

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