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Travelling with Children

Travelling with children doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Follow these YVR travel tips to help you prepare.


Confirm your itinerary and reservations with your airline and check baggage quantity and weight specifications. Check your flight status online or sign up with our flight notification tool to have information about your flight sent directly to your mobile phone or email.

Passports & ID

All children who travel need their own ID, whether travelling abroad or within Canada. Check with your airline and view Passport Canada’s travelling with children information.

Packing & Security

Adults, infants and children must undergo security screening prior to boarding an aircraft. Formula is allowed for those travelling with infants, along with certain exemptions to the liquids and gels regulations. To learn more about what is permitted, please see the Canadian Air Transportation Security Authority’s website or contact them at 1-888-294-2202.


Baggage allowance limits are set by the individual airlines. Check with your airline to find out how to transport your luggage, car seats, and strollers. Free baggage carts are available to help you move through the terminal.


Strollers may be permitted on your flight. Most airlines prefer an umbrella-type stroller, so please check with your airline's infant policy before arrival.

Facilities in Terminal

See a map of the airport to find washrooms, food courts, security and Customer Care counters.


Male, female and family washrooms are available throughout the terminal. A changing station is located within every washroom.


A nursery room equipped with cribs, play pens and a changing area is available before-security in the USA Check-in Area, Departures Level 3, next to the male, female and family washrooms.

Hours of Operation: 0300 to 2030. Please contact Airport Operations should you require access outside of these hours by calling 604-207-7077 or picking up the nearest courtesy phone.


Keep an eye out for our friendly Green Coat volunteers, stationed through the airport to help you with any questions. Contact us to reach our 24-hour Customer Care team for any additional questions.

Things to Do

Children’s Play Areas

If your kids need to burn some energy before your flight, visit one of our Children’s Play Areas located throughout the terminal.

Public Observation Area

The Public Observation Area, located before-security in the Domestic Terminal, Level 4, provides sweeping views of the airfield, telescopes, maps and kiosks.


A 114,000-litre aquarium can be found after-security in the International Terminal. With over 5,000 marine creatures native to British Columbia living in the tank, your kids could spend hours pointing out the Wolf Eels, Sea Stars, Sea Urchins and 21 different species of fish.

WiFi & Charging Stations

Free WiFi is available throughout the terminal for your use. Charging stations are also located throughout the terminal to keep the battery full & idle hands busy.

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