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Lost and Found

YVR's Lost and Found is located at U.S. Departures Level 3, across from check-in counter 280, beside the Nursery. It is open from 09:00 to 17:00 daily.

Please click HERE to submit a lost and found form for items lost within the airport terminals only. 

Items left onboard the aircraft or gone missing while under care of your airline (lost baggage, for instance) must be inquired about directly to the airline. Airline phone numbers are available here. For items lost on a taxi, bus, cruise ship or other locations please call or email companies directly.

YVR Lost and Found will hold the item for a maximum of 30 days prior to donating to charities. All personal data will be wiped and deleted prior to the items being donated. Any dangerous goods and perishable items will be handled accordingly.

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