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Autism Travel Resources

Resource Kit and Video Series

YVR has partnered with Canucks Autism Network (CAN) to develop a resource kit and video series to assist individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. These resources help individuals and families prepare for their upcoming trip, covering the check-in process, security screening, boarding and flying. Travel resource kits are available at all pre-security YVR Customer Care counters and can be downloaded below. 

I CAN Fly with YVR Video Series

I CAN Fly with YVR, ‘a step-by-step storybook’

This storybook teaches the airport routine to individuals on the autism spectrum. It outlines each of the steps of the pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight routines.

Download the storybook 3 MB

I CAN Fly with YVR ‘a step-by-step checklist’

This is an interactive tool for autistic individuals and their families that includes a checklist for each key step of the airport routine.

Download the checklist  1 MB

Airport Map

This resource provides a road map that families can follow on their journey through the airport. The map includes key symbols showing the steps that need to be completed.

Download the map  561 KB

Tips for Travel

Useful tips for parents or guardians travelling with individuals on the autism spectrum.

Download the tips  637 KB

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