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YVR's Accessibility Brochure

At YVR, we strive to offer a positive experience to all travelers

Accessibility at YVR

YVR is focused on providing a welcoming and accessible experience through our terminal design and operations. We continue to advance ease of use and overall facility access from check-in areas, gates and washrooms, to our restaurants, stores and other common areas. 

Minimizing obstacles for people with disabilities, seniors and anyone requiring a little extra help is a priority for us. 

Travel Planning

When booking your trip, be sure to advise your airline of any specific assistance or equipment you might need. A complete list of airlines serving YVR is available at YVR.CA.

Together with our community and business partners, we have developed detailed travel guides to support customers preparing for travel. These can be found on our accessibility page.

Customer Care and Information

Need help? Talk to one of our friendly 24 hour Customer Care staff or Green Coat volunteers. Our representatives are wearing distinctive blue or green jackets at each of our Customer Care counters and volunteer stations.

Direct: 604-207-7077
TTY (TTD): 604-207-7070
Email: [email protected]

When booking your trip and landing at YVR

Airline Information

At YVR, the airlines are accountable for mobility assistance for their passengers.

Please contact your airline directly 48 hours prior to travel to pre-arrange assistance and advise them of specific requirements you may have. Your airline can also be contacted directly to provide feedback. 

This can include assistance traveling through the airport, boarding/deplaning and onward to a connecting flight. A complete list of airlines serving YVR is available at YVR.CA.

Getting to and from YVR

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

15 minute curbside parking is designated for vehicles displaying a SPARC disability parking permit for loading and unloading luggage purposes. 


Designated accessible parking is located in all YVR’s parking facilities. Stalls are located close to entrance/exit points, walkways and elevators for maximum convenience. Please note that the parkade has a maximum clearance height of 6’6”. 

Rental Cars

Accessible cars are available to rent at YVR. Please give the rental car company 48 hours’ notice before pick up. 


Accessible taxi service is integrated into the fleet of taxis serving YVR. Certified service and guide dogs are welcome. Please request an accessible taxi from the host, or nearby courtesy phone, located on the curb outside. 

For more details, please visit YVR.CA

At the airport

Customer Care and Information

Our 24-hour Customer Care staff and Green Coat volunteers are here to help. Customer Care is also available by telephone (direct: 604-207-7077 / TTY (TTD): 604-207-7070) and Twitter (@yvrairport). Download the YVR Airport app from iOS and Android. 

Moving Through the Terminal

Passengers needing assistance are encouraged to advise their airline when making travel arrangements at least 48 hours prior to travel. Upon arrival, please speak with your airline representative. Additionally, YVR Customer Care counters offer short-term use of self-push wheelchairs in the public areas of the airport. 


Washrooms are accessible for wheeled mobility devices (WhMDs) and include consideration for people with vision or hearing impairments. Private, single stall washrooms, some including adult dimension change tables, are also available throughout the terminal. 

Public Telephones

Accessible public telephones, including TTY equipped units, are located in each bank of public telephones at YVR. 


Audio and visual paging services are available at YVR. Visual paging monitors are located at our Customer Care counters. 

Porter Service 

YVR’s Porter Service is a user-pay system to help customers with luggage, anywhere from curb to carousel and back. For more information please visit our website at YVR.CA.

Animal Relief Area

Customers traveling with dogs will find a relief area for their four-legged companions outside of the International Arrivals level, at the entrance to Chester Johnson Park. A full service animal relief area is available past security near gate 76 and 77. 

Additional Resources

Security Screening, contact:

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)
Direct: 1-888-294-2202

Canada Border Services Agency, contact:

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)
Direct: 1-800-461-9999
TTY: 1-866-335-3237

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, contact: 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (USCBP)
Direct: 1-877-CBP-5511
TTY: 1-800-877-8339
Outside US: +1 202-325-8000

Accessible Transportation Information, contact:

Canadian Transportation Agency
Direct: 1-888-222-2592
TTY: 1-800-669-5575

Visitor Information, contact:

Destination BC

For more information, please contact us at: 

YVR Customer Care 
Direct: 604-207-7077
TTY (TTD): 604-207-7070
Email: [email protected]

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