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Accessibility Features

Features & Services supporting people with mobility and agility loss include:

  • Universal food and service counters that welcome people using wheeled mobility devices
  • Restaurant and lounge seating that includes a mixture of chairs with and without arms
  • Low-mounted flight and gate information displays throughout the terminal
  • 15-minute curbside parking for vehicles with a valid SPARC permit (or equivalent) for passenger/luggage drop-off (strictly enforced)
  • Designated parking for people with disabilities in all parking lots with accessible shuttle bus service to long-term parking
  • Terminal flooring outfitted with low resistance carpeting for easier movement of wheeled mobility devices and greater stability for people using walking aids
  • Aircraft gates with dedicated wheelchair/equipment lifts to provide secure, direct loading of assistive devices into the aircraft
  • Adult dimension change tables throughout the terminals
  • Universally accessible washrooms and accessible toilets, equipped with an emergency call button
  • Pet relief areas for individuals travelling with assistance animals.

Features supporting people who are Deaf or hard of hearing include:

  • Terminal public address system set to lower volumes, resulting in clearer sound for all users — particularly people using assistive hearing devices
  • Visual paging service located at Customer Care counters
  • Check-in counters equipped with amplified handsets
  • Visual fire alarms (low-frequency strobe), located throughout the terminals including in washrooms
  • Terminal flooring outfitted with low resistance carpeting to reduce overall noise levels
  • Welcome messaging in sign language (ASL), featured on YVR monitors

Features supporting people who are blind or partially sighted include:

  • Terminal maps and flight information displays that follow Clear Print guidelines
  • High contrast, glare-free directional signage
  • High contrast, tactile and braille washroom signage
  • Animal relief areas for individuals travelling with assistance animals.
  • Airport flooring that incorporates a variety of textures to assist with wayfinding:
    • Tile or terrazzo indicates an exit is nearby
    • Carpet indicates a gate is nearby
    • Laminate flooring indicates a retail area
    • High contrast tiles to assist with directional orientation

Features supporting people with developmental disabilities:

  • Signage and wayfinding features using plain language
  • Pet relief areas for individuals travelling with assistance animals.
  • Customer Care staff trained in the use of plain language
  • Wayfinding support through common floor colours, texture and contrast

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