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Advisory: New travel requirements at YVR.
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Accessibility at YVR

One of YVR's top priorities is providing an accessible airport for everyone.

Customer Care and Information

Our 24-hour Customer Care is available by phone at 604.207.7077, TTY/(TDD) 604.207.7070, by email at [email protected], or on Twitter @yvrairport

Our dedicated Customer Care staff and Green Coat volunteers are here to help. You can find representatives, wearing distinctive blue or green jackets, at our Customer Care counters.

Accessible Transportation

Canada Line rapid transit, city bus service and taxis serving YVR are all accessible to people using wheelchairs and can accommodate a non-folding or non-collapsible mobility aid as well as other walking aids. Visit the Getting to and from YVR for more information about transportation options.

Curbside Assistance 

YVR has designated drop-off and pick-up areas at the curb. Curbside Assistance is available from outdoor curbside areas to indoor check-in areas and is arranged though our 24/7 Customer Call Centre. Assistance is also available from the general public area inside the terminal to curbside areas outside. This service includes assisting customers with their wheelchair or mobility device, their baggage and providing any other mobility or guidance assistance. 

Customers are encouraged to pre-arrange Curbside Assistance up to 48 hours in advance through our 24/7 Call Centre by phone 604.207.7077, TTY/(TDD) 604.207.7070, by email at [email protected]

Moving Through the Terminals

Passengers wanting assistance to and from the boarding gate, as well as with boarding or deplaning an aircraft, are encouraged to advise their airline when making travel arrangements — at least 48 hours prior to travel. A complete list of airlines serving YVR is available on our website. Upon arrival, speak with your airline representative for assistance. Additionally, YVR Customer Care counters offer short-term use of self-push wheelchairs in the public areas of the airport.

In addition to booking assistance directly with the airline, in certain circumstances some Domestic airlines may issue a gate pass to a non-passenger to escort the traveller who needs assistance through pre-board screening and to their departure gate. This policy may vary for each Domestic airline and we encourage passengers to contact their airline at least 48 hours prior to travel for more detailed information. Please note: if a gate pass is authorized, the individual escorting will be required to present a valid government photo I.D. and will also be subjected to passenger pre-board screening.

Travelling to or from the main terminal to the South Terminal? Accessible taxis can take you between while the South Terminal Shuttle is temporarily suspended. Visit To Airport South for information. 


Passengers wanting assistance to and from the boarding gate, as well as with boarding or deplaning an aircraft, are encouraged to advise their airline when making travel arrangements — at least 48 hours prior to travel. 
Self-push wheelchairs are available for our customers at any time. You can find the distinctive blue wheelchairs throughout the terminal at any Customer Information Counter.


Aira is a service that connects individuals who are blind or partially sighted to trained agents who, through an app on a smartphone or video-equipped smart glasses, video conference in to help the user navigate their environment.

Signing up for Aira is easy. Start the process on the Aira website here: Download the App, or you can download the Aira App directly on your mobile phone from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Aira is a third-party application and use will be governed by its own terms and conditions and privacy policies.

For additional information, user support and answers to any questions, please contact Aira directly on their website or through their toll-free line at 1-800-835-1934. 


Washrooms at YVR are accessible to customers using wheeled mobility devices and include consideration for people with vision or hearing impairments. Washroom features include screen walls in place of doors (except private, single stall washrooms), automated faucet, soap, and paper towel dispensers, accessible toilets in both the main pubic washrooms and private, single stall washrooms, universally accessible sinks, an emergency call button adjacent to all accessible toilets and baby-change facilities. Adult dimension change tables are also available before security in the USA Departures area and after security in Domestic, International and USA Departures.

Before Security

  • USA Departures level 3 (check-in area, across from check-in counter 276)

After Security

  • Domestic AB pier (near gate B14 and across from Stanley Park Taphouse restaurant)
  • Domestic/International departure swing gates area (near gate C52/D52)
  • International departures area (near gate D72)
  • USA departures (across from gate E87 and near Starbucks)
  • International arrivals area on level 4 

Animal Relief Area

Customers travelling with dogs will find a dog relief area outside International Arrivals at the entrance to Chester Johnson Park. Certified service dogs and guide dogs are welcome throughout YVR's terminal facilities. A full service animal relief area is available in USA Departures, post-security near Gate 67 and 77.

Public Telephones

Accessible public telephones, including TTY (TDD)-equipped units, are located in each bank of public telephones at YVR around the terminal. To locate a public or courtesy phone, please ask a Customer Care representative or Green Coat volunteer for help.


Audio and visual paging services are available at YVR. To request a page, please visit any Customer Care counter, or call 604.207.7077; TTY / (TDD) 604.207.7070. Visual paging monitors are located at our Customer Care counters, Flight Information Display screens and Baggage Information Display screens.

Porter Service

YVR's Porter service is a user-pay system to help customers with their luggage, anywhere from curb to carousel and back.

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