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Templeton Area Redevelopment

YVR is redeveloping approximately 44 acres of land in the Templeton Area, adjacent to Burkeville, a Sea Island residential community. The redevelopment will make way for a modern cargo and logistics facility as well as an enhanced greenspace corridor that will serve as a natural buffer between nearby residences and the new facility.

A vibrant cargo sector reflects YVR’s public mandate to support the local and provincial economy through trade and employment, and is critical to the airport’s aspiration to be a diversified hub for both people and cargo. The project is consistent with YVR’s Transport Canada-approved 2037 Master Land Use Plan.

Once complete, the redevelopment will also include an enhanced greenspace which makes up the Templeton Corridor. This Corridor will include hundreds of new trees, landscaped areas, multi-use pathways for pedestrians and cyclists and other amenities improving year-round use for nearby residents.

What’s Next?

Community Engagement

YVR is committed to working with nearby residents to design the project with consideration for the community’s interests. The project team has worked closely with the community through a robust consultation process since November 2017. Read more about our Community Engagement process here.

What to Expect During Construction

Site preparation and work on the Templeton Corridor is currently underway. Learn more about construction and what to expect here.

Looking for more information?

Sign up to receive Templeton Redevelopment updates by emailing [email protected]. Updates are also made available on our website here. You can also check out our FAQ page.

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