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Remote Stand Operations

YVR is going to be a bussing airport like all other major hub airports around the world

The East Apron Remote Stand Operations (RSO) project includes the replacement of six existing aircraft parking positions with three remote stands sized for wide body aircraft to accommodate international RSOs. The project will also add to YVR’s Transborder capacity by providing 10 remote stands.

The RSO approach simply means that buses take passengers to and from aircraft parked outside the terminal on the apron. Passengers will travel through YVR as usual, with access to all typical amenities, before reaching our two permanent hold rooms (Gates 56 & 57).

YVR’s bus operations will be delivered with our usual commitment to customer care.

  • Fully accessible electric buses will mean little to no walking for passengers and very short trip of 4-5 minutes to the customs hall.
  • Aviramp mobile jet bridges make it easy for passengers of all mobility levels to enter and exit the aircraft, as well as for those towing carry-on luggage.

As YVR grows, we will continue to add further bussing operations because it is cost and operationally efficient—RSO stands are a quarter the price of a gate attached to the terminal. And we can add them faster.

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