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As YVR continues to grow, we are building one of the largest GeoExchange systems in Canada to ensure we meet growing passenger demands and help reduce our environmental footprint. Housed inside our new Central Utilities Building, the geoexchange system will help support YVR’s heating and cooling needs across the entire terminal complex.

The Central Utilities Building and GeoExchange system is currently under construction and will be operational by 2022.


The GeoExchange system will help support our ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. The 16 MW system will produce enough energy to heat more than 1,000 Lower Mainland homes, while greatly reducing YVR’s annual heating and cooling emissions. 


Our system will utilize a ‘closed-loop’ design to harness the Earth's renewable energy. Hundreds of wells below four GeoExchange fields will provide sustainable heating and cooling for the terminal. No water will be pumped into or out of the system—the system acts as a heat exchanger between the ground and heat pumps.

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