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Templeton Area Redevelopment Update

Construction Activities: Week of July 12, 2021

Work this week is largely a continuation of last week, with only a few activities remaining, to be completed over the summer, followed by final planting, and landscaping this fall when the cooler weather returns. Learn more about what to expect during construction here. This week's update follows below.

GENERAL INFORMATION (new updates this week)

Work this week focuses on lamppost installations, fencing replacement, and irrigation system installation. For notice of other activities this week, please see detailed update below. 

If you have questions about the project and would like to connect with our community liaison Pam by phone or in person, please email to [email protected] or call 604-561-2836.


Areas of focus this week (all weather dependent) include:

New this week:

  • No new work this week.

Continuing this week:

  • Hydrovac work along the Wellington Crescent back laneway, to confirm electrical duct bank locations (originally scheduled for Thursday last week, the scope of work increased and will continue through end of day Tuesday). 
  • Replace fencing at the Burkeville property line (includes ground clearing and invasive blackberry bush removal). 
  • Regrade future landscaped areas. 
  • Touch-up paving (date to be determined). 
  • Pour concrete for sidewalks along Aylmer Road. 
  • Lighting installation (Anticipated to be complete this week. New lights will be pedestrian-scale with minimal overspill, to avoid impact on adjacent residences).
  • Dust monitoring and watering as necessary. 
  • Vehicles and equipment moving throughout the site.

Onsite equipment includes excavators, backhoe loaders, haul trucks, concrete trucks, compacting equipment, a forklift and a mobile crane. Broadband travel alarms are in use on regularly stationed equipment to reduce noise in the area. Traditional tonal alarms may still be heard on equipment and vehicles that travel to and from the site, or equipment that will be onsite for shorter durations.


Construction takes place Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. Equipment and machinery are turned on after 7:30 a.m and most work is complete before sunset. An update will be provided if work is required outside of this timeframe.

Please note plans, activities and onsite equipment are subject to change based on evolving project needs and weather. Given the increased frequency of rain, workers may need to come to the site to monitor erosion and ensure the proper flood protections are performing adequately outside of the normal hours of operation.


If you have any questions or comments about construction-related activities, please contact [email protected].

Check out previous construction updates here.

For more information or general questions about the Templeton Area Redevelopment Project, please visit

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