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Domestic Terminal Building Level 2 Membrane Replacement Project

YVR is replacing the water proofing membrane beneath the roadway and sidewalks outside of our Domestic Terminal Building (DTB) on Level 2.

This work, which is scheduled between March and August 2023, is part of ongoing maintenance at YVR which ensures the good repair and safety of our terminals and will enhance the overall experience for our travellers.

Once complete, travellers and guests will see improved accessibility with an expanded sidewalk, new curb let downs, as well as a new overhead canopy at the south end of the curb. Security bollards will also be installed on the sidewalk in front of the terminal.

To accommodate this work, we are temporarily relocating the domestic passenger pick-up from DTB Level 2 to DTB Level 1, effective February 8 through the duration of this project. Taxi and rideshare for domestic travellers will remain at Level 2.

Construction work will be conducted throughout the day, however most noisy work will be conducted overnight.

Traffic on the Level 2 roadway will be reduced to one or two lanes across the different construction phases and additional staff will be deployed to manage the crosswalk, direct passengers, and vehicle traffic. Terminal roadway and curbside signage will also be installed to support this shift.

Passengers, drivers, and pedestrians are asked to pay special attention to signage and traffic management in these areas.

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