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Lane Closures Near Terminal

As part of the construction taking place east of the Parkade, utilities work has started. This work will involve hydrovac investigation and take place in phases, overnight. It is expected to be complete by the end of July. There will be no power disruption during this work.

This first phase will have progressive lane closures along Eastbound Grant McConachie Way and immediately south of the express pay lanes. Two toll booth lanes will be occupied during this work, but all other lanes will remain open. Please follow all directional signage and traffic control. The hours of work will be 12:00AM-8:00AM and the expected finish date is early June.

Information on the other phases will be shared here before they start.   

Update: June 8, 2018

We are moving onto the next phase of this project on Monday, June 11th. This will have progressive lane closures along Westbound Grant McConachie and areas inside Chester Johnson Park. The hours of work will continue to be 12:00AM-8:00AM.

Construction will occur in close proximity to the Parkade entry ramps and the car rental return lanes, however they will remain open at all times.

A small portion of this work will include a temporary sidewalk diversion. Passengers will be assisted around the work area by traffic control personnel.

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