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JetSet Parking Reconfiguration

Construction starts next month to prepare for the upcoming reconfiguration of the jetSet Parking lot. This work will impact some parking spots beginning on April 3 but the lot remains open and continues to be a parking option for travellers.

As part of the parking reconfiguration project, the cell phone lot will be temporarily relocated nearby. There will be clear directional signage to the interim lot. Once the cell phone lot re-opens, it will be paved and have WiFi, offering an improved customer experience.

This reconfiguration is taking place due to the need for space airside for bussing or Remote Stand Operations (RSO). RSOs are a cost effective way to support the record-breaking growth YVR is experiencing.

To do this, part of the current jetSet Parking lot will be taken over. The lost parking spots will be made up for with a new valet service, expected to open early 2019. This service will be comfortable, efficient and cost-effective. There will continue to be a range of parking options for everyone.

To hear YVR President and CEO, Craig Richmond, talk more about this—check out his recent Board of Trade presentation here.

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