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Floodbox replacement on Inglis Drive complete

YVR is pleased to share that the roadwork along Inglis Drive is now complete, following the replacement of the adjacent drainage system. The original road, which provides access to our South Terminal, has been reinstated.

The replacement of the drainage system included installing a new flood box and outlet, which provides flood mitigation and increased climate resiliency across Sea Island. Now more than ever, we must ensure that we are prepared for extreme weather impacts of climate change, particularly atmospheric rivers causing flooding.

We continue to invest in infrastructure improvements to anticipate long-term change - a critical step in our long-term resiliency This includes updating our dikes and drainage systems, improving our HVAC, heating and cooling systems and making investments to support the low visibility capabilities of our airside equipment to ensure YVR remains operational in the event of extreme weather.

A big thank you to everyone for their patience getting to the South Terminal as we completed this work.

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