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Living Wage Policy

Vancouver International Airport exists to serve our community and the economy that supports it. YVR is a vibrant hub powered by a dynamic community of approximately 20,000 people and hundreds of business partners.

We are a people-centered business and we know the YVR team has ever-changing needs, especially as we navigate and recover from the effects of the pandemic.

We are a certified living wage employer;  this means that all Vancouver Airport Authority employees will be paid at or higher than living wage. By March 2023, all organizations having a direct service contract with YVR need to ensure their staff  working at YVR are paid a living wage.  We are working with our major service providers to implement this practice, which should benefit thousands of employees.

We aim to create and foster a work environment in which employees, service contractors and Sea Island business partners feel safe, healthy and valued. Our goal is to go beyond, to ensure everyone working at the airport, regardless of employer, is paid a living wage. To do this, we want to engage with all our business partners and explore this opportunity together. The process will take multiple years to complete and has the potential for YVR to become the first Living Wage Airport in Canada and potentially the world.

Not only is this the right thing to do but it’s also the smart thing to do. Paying a living wage helps ensure no one is left behind in affording basic expenses, helps reduce financial stress and provides greater opportunity to participate in enriching experiences in communities.

So how does the living wage formula work? It’s designated by Living Wage for Families B.C. and is the hourly rate of pay at which a household (two adults, two children) can meet its basic expenses. In Metro Vancouver the 2022 living wage rate is $20.52, $5.32 more than B.C.’s minimum wage.

To learn more about Living Wage for Families B.C. go to their website. For more information on our journey to becoming the first Living Wage Airport contact [email protected]  

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