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Why is YVR introducing a Fair Wage Policy?

As part of our commitment to support our partners in their hiring strategies, we understand how important fair wages are to attract and retain the talent required to operate a world-class airport.

Who does the Fair Wage Policy apply to?

This policy applies to employers that provide services to the Airport Authority with different approaches for direct service contractors, as well as airport terminal food and beverage and retail concessionaires.

Who are direct service contractors?

The Airport Authority contracts directly with a variety of service providers, including customer care, security, janitorial services and many others. Under these agreements, the Airport Authority essentially covers the costs of operating and has the ability to directly impact wages and compensation. 

How does the Fair Wage Policy apply to direct service contractors?

For this group, the Airport Authority will mandate a $15.20 minimum hourly wage by January 2020, 17-months ahead of the provincial target.

Who are concessionaries?

Concessionaires are tenants of the Airport Authority and hold commercial contracts to provide food and beverage and retail services within the terminal building. 

How does the Fair Wage Policy apply to concessionaires?

For this group, we will request and evaluate data regarding compensation and employer-paid benefits, including plans to meet or exceed the provincial government’s wage standards, as part of the RFP process.

What Fair Wage requirements have you set out for concessionaires in the Request for Proposal (RFP) process?

Vancouver Airport Authority’s request for proposal process requests proponents to share information about their employer benefits, wage rates and plans for wage increases that would meet or exceed the provincial government’s plans for annual minimum wage increases.

Why don’t you just mandate a Fair Wage for all businesses operating on Sea Island?

The Airport Authority does not have the legislative power to impose a minimum wage for all employers that operate at YVR.  We are not in a position to impose a minimum wage for these groups due to the nature of our agreements.

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