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Snow Operations

Looking for information on YVR's Snow Operations? This page contains key facts and stats, images and video.

YVR is committed to maintaining a safe and secure airfield for aircraft and passengers. During the winter months we monitor weather closely and, when necessary, we use a comprehensive snow operations strategy. 

Below, you will find information and materials that contain more information on YVR's Snow Operations. For more information, please contact our media team at [email protected].

Fact Sheet

YVR Snow Preparedness 97 KB


Click on the images to view the gallery. Right-click to save and download each image.

Video Clips

Please allow several seconds for the videos to start.  

Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3

Snow operations at YVR  Snow Operations at yVR  Snow operations at YVR



The following video interviews are available to download in MP4 format. Please allow several seconds for the video to start.

Robyn McVicker - Vice President, Operations & Maintenance, Vancouver Airport Authority 

Video 1: Questions on Snow Operations

Answers are available at the following times:  

0:04 - Can you tell us about YVR’s snow preparedness program?
0:46 - How does YVR monitor weather conditions?
1:06 - When does YVR begin preparing for the winter season?
1:44 - How much has YVR invested in its snow removal fleet?
2:05 - What advice do you have for travellers flying out of YVR this winter season?
2:42 - What type of delays may travellers experience?

Video 2: Snow Operations Equipment Tour 

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