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YVR partners with TTG Canada to offer sponsorship opportunities at the airport for the first time

Today, Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is pleased to announce its partnership with TTG Canada, which will open the airport’s doors to strategic sponsorship and naming rights opportunities.

Through its partnership, YVR and TTG will invite organizations to consider sponsoring areas or assets of the airport to enhance the overall passenger experience at YVR while reaching thousands of travellers, visitors, and employees each day. Sponsorship opportunities include but are not limited to enhancing the family travel experience by building kid-friendly play areas, creating wellness pods to provide passengers a space to disconnect, or furthering YVR’s sustainability efforts through carbon offset initiatives.

“We are exploring new and innovative ways to connect with our passengers and community. Partnering with TTG Canada and opening YVR for strategic sponsorships is a game changer,” said Robyn McVicker, Vice President, Passenger Journey at Vancouver Airport Authority. “This is a unique opportunity for the best organizations in B.C. to showcase their brand and values throughout the airport to a global audience. For passengers, they can expect an improved airport journey as we leverage these innovative partnerships to offer new and exciting experiences throughout YVR."

As British Columbia’s largest building and Canada’s second busiest airport, YVR welcomes millions of passengers and visitors annually, and its operations are powered by some 24,000 employees across the airport and surrounding area. Throughout its expansive facilities, the airport boasts numerous touchpoints for marketing and sponsorship opportunities.

“Rarely in the strategic marketing and sponsorship game do you get such a wealth of opportunity to truly enhance and improve a consumer’s journey, and have access to incredibly meaningful brand touch points,” said Bill Cooper, Chief Operating Partner at TTG Canada. “The team at TTG Canada is looking forward to helping harness this opportunity while simultaneously working with partners to further augment YVR’s well-earned accolades.”

YVR is consistently ranked as one of the province’s most loved brands and one of the best airports in North America. The airport is also recognized globally for its distinct sense of place, which is reflected through art, architecture, and amenities, and presents an interesting environment to create consumer experiences that tell a story and enrich the traveller journey.

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