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Airports Partnership Calls on Canadians to Make Their Voices Heard to “Stop the Sell-Off” of Canada’s Airports to Private Investors

Today, Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver international airports launched a new tool on their website,, that will allow Canadians to let their Member of Parliament (MP) know that they oppose the sell-off of Canada’s major airports to private investors.

While the Prime Minister has indicated that selling off Canada’s major airports is not his preferred path to finding new money for investment in infrastructure, the federal government continues to explore the possibility of selling Canada’s major airports to private investors who will turn them into for-profit enterprises.

“Canadian airports have been a success story since they devolved from government run institutions,” said Bob Sartor, President and CEO of the Calgary Airport Authority. “Now that they have become powerful global transportation networks and economic engines for the cities, provinces and communities they serve, it’s more important than ever to protect that investment and ensure they continue to thrive under their community-focused mandate.”

“While airports were not specifically mentioned in the federal budget, we know that the potential sale of Canada’s major airports is still very much something the federal government is considering,” said Mark Laroche, President and CEO of the Ottawa International Airport Authority. “Our current airport model continues to serve our communities well, so we are encouraging our passengers and members of our communities to let the government know that, like many others, they think this is a bad idea.”

"We have been actively engaging with all levels of government to maintain the current Canadian airport governance model," said Craig Richmond, President and CEO of the Vancouver Airport Authority. "Today, we are calling on the public to share their voices and help fight the potential sell-off of Canadian airports by the federal government. Visit our website, get informed and send a letter to your MP to have your voice heard. Today's airport governance model protects the best interest of Canadians, our partners and the communities we serve."

The website,, highlights the success of Canada’s major airports, which currently operate under a not-for-profit model, and are recognized as being among the most efficient in the world. Selling Canada’s major airports would likely increase costs for travellers, lead to a reduction in service levels, remove local voices from airport boards and undermine Canada’s economic competitiveness. With the addition of the new tool on the website, Canadians will be able to add their voices to the growing number of experts and organizations already raising concerns about the negative impact of selling off Canada’s award-winning airports.

Canadians are invited to learn more about the impacts a sell-off to private investors would have on them and their communities by visiting

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