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New Performance Based Navigation Procedures Available to Select Aircraft Landing at YVR

Satellite-based technology offers precision, efficiency and environmental benefits

In partnership with NAV CANADA, Vancouver International Airport (YVR) today became the first Canadian airport to make new satellite-based Performance Based Navigation (PBN) procedures available to eligible arriving aircraft.

Use of Global Positioning System (GPS) and sophisticated avionics is quickly becoming the new worldwide standard for aircraft navigation, yielding benefits of safety, efficiency and reduced environmental impact in many instances.

Effective today, eligible technology-equipped aircraft arriving on YVR’s North Runway (08L) may be permitted to use a new Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedure, a type of PBN, to land. This procedure uses continuous descent and reduced engine thrust to safely land the aircraft.
Aircraft landing at YVR using the new procedure will reduce total flying time by two–to-three minutes and an average of 18 kilometres per flight; save an estimated 100 to 300 litres of fuel per flight, depending on aircraft type; and reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 2,500 tonnes per year.

As the majority of the flight path used for RNP landings on the North Runway is over the water of English Bay and the Strait of Georgia, these changes are not expected to impact aircraft noise levels in populated areas.

Although the number of aircraft landing at YVR using the new RNP procedures will be small initially, this is expected to increase as air traffic control becomes more accustomed to the new procedures and more airlines equip their aircraft with the new technology.

“Vancouver Airport Authority applauds Transport Canada and NAV Canada’s commitment to using the latest navigation technology to support the safe, precise and efficient landing of aircraft at YVR and other Canadian airports.” said Craig Richmond, President & CEO, Vancouver Airport Authority. “We look forward to seeing this innovation in action as YVR seeks to meet its own targets for sustainable and efficient airport operations.”

Together, YVR and its aviation industry partners are committed to ensuring that the community is advised of flight path changes over populated areas and will inform and engage with the community as appropriate.

For more information about Performance Based Navigation:


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