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Set Fares for Taxis Introduced at YVR

Starting November 6, 2014, taxi companies operating out of YVR will implement guaranteed zone fares to destinations in Richmond and Vancouver. All other destinations throughout Metro Vancouver, including inbound trips to YVR, will maintain the metered system.

The newest example of YVR’s commitment to the customer, the new zone fare system provides travellers leaving YVR with guaranteed and reliable set fares for their taxi trip. Taking the guesswork out of travel, zone fares range from $20 to $41 and are based on the existing metered fare to the midpoint of each geographic zone. A map highlighting the zone fares from YVR is available at

“Working closely with the 19 taxi companies who operate at YVR, I am pleased to welcome the new zone fare system for taxi trips leaving the airport,” said Glenn McCoy, Senior Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer, Vancouver Airport Authority. “Our customers told us they wanted dependable rates to reduce uncertainty and to make their travel easier. The new zone fare system is another example of how our business partners are providing a remarkable customer experience.”

With up-front, guaranteed fares, the new systems offers certainty and confidence for travellers knowing exactly how much their taxi trip will cost in advance. The zone fare system is implemented at numerous international airports around the world including New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

“The YVR taxi companies embrace the new zone fare system,” says Carolyn Bauer, Yellow Cab Taxi Co. “This is a great opportunity for all taxi operators working at Vancouver International Airport to showcase our world-class fleets with professional drivers. It also provides confidence to the travelling passengers knowing the cost of the trip before their arrival as well as creating consistency across all YVR taxi companies, regardless of the route taken.”

The Passenger Transportation Board approved the applications for zone fares put forth by the taxi operators at YVR. In addition to taxi transportation, a number of ground transportation options continue to operate from YVR including shuttles and the Canada Line - on which travel throughout Sea Island is free.

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