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The Future of Growth & Connection

Tamara Vrooman, President & CEO at Vancouver Airport Authority will be sharing how YVR is growing and how the airport’s many points of connection are supporting our local businesses and communities, now and for years to come.


Registration: 11:30-11:45am 
11:45am – 12:30pm 
YVR presentation and Q+A: 
12:30 – 1:30pm 

B.C. vine ripened tomato, baby kale and arugula salad, Jerez sherry vinaigrette - GF, VE


Honey-sesame glazed Lois Lake steelhead salmon fillet, Shanghai bok choy, vegetable julienne, soy citrus sauce - GF


Chocolate avocado mousse, crispy pearls and fresh berries - VE, GF, NF

Vegan Option:

Rustic white bean cassoulet, Beyond Meat Italian sausage – GF, VE  


The future of growth and connection at YVR must be decarbonized. Trees are a natural way to remove and store carbon. They improve air and water quality, provide wildlife habitat, and stabilize soil. We also enjoy spending time in their shade on a sunny day. These benefits only become greater as the trees grow.

The tree on your table is a young cedar and will be donated to the City of Vancouver to be replanted at, or near, Musqueam Park to benefit the community and environment and advance our shared goals for a greener and more resilient future. Musqueam and the City of Vancouver will work together to determine planting locations for the donated cedar trees. 


We also have on the table today for each of the audience members an engaging and thought provoking book by Ali Grovue and Mike Watson titled "RISE UP". This book has great insights on leadership habits for turbulent times and includes a cover page testimonial by Tamara Vrooman.


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the aviation industry experienced the most difficult time in its history. YVR continued to serve the community, ensuring people who needed to travel could do so safely and with confidence. And as we moved through the pandemic, we worked with our many partners to deliver a true YVR experience. Today, we are excited to bring this experience to you.

Music is universally calming and is known to help people acclimate to a busy space, which makes it especially important at airports. The musical stylings of Kurt Von Hahn have been enjoyed by millions of travellers over the years at YVR. We would also like to acknowledge and thank Tom Lee for sponsoring the grand piano for the event.

YVR’s friendly Green Coat Volunteers have been an integral part of YVR’s passenger journey since 1989.

YVR’s new Guest Experience team is on the front-line of our airport, welcoming passengers and supporting their journey.

A Vancouver favourite, Johnny Pops, has provided refreshing popsicle treats made with local ingredients to YVR staff and passengers alike.

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